University of Chicago alumni shape our world. They're recognized by the way they dive into conversations, tackle challenges, and solve problems—all with a creativity that draws on philosophy as easily as economics. Our alumni are Nobel laureates, CEOs, university presidents, attorneys general, literary giants, and astronauts. They win Oscar and Tony awards. They've won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism and sat on the Supreme Court. They are entrepreneurs and National Medal of Science winners. Civil rights leaders and societal trailblazers. They form a network that touches nearly every corner of the globe—and exemplify the stellar legacy of accomplishment reflected in every UChicago degree.

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Mount Everest

UChicago graduates push themselves to overcome the world's most daunting challenges. Barry Bishop, PhD'80, was a member of the first U.S. team to successfully climb Mt. Everest, before turning his focus to geographical studies in Nepal.
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UChicago Breakthrough

UChicago Breakthrough
Janet Rowley, LAB'42, PhB'45, SB'46, MD'48, discovered the first consistent chromosomal abnormalities linked to cancer, demonstrating that cancer is a genetic disease.
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Sandeep Ahuja

Sandeep Ahuja, MPP'06, founded Operation ASHA, the largest organization fighting tuberculosis in India. The nonprofit targets the country's poorest inhabitants.
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Justin Yifu Lin

Justin Yifu Lin, PhD'86, is the chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank. He is also the founder and first director of the China Center for Economic Research. In May 2010, he delivered the keynote address at the University's conference, "China and the Future of the Global Economy"
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Ray Suarez

Ray Suarez, AM'93, broadcast journalist and senior correspondent on PBS news program NewsHour. He has moderated several UChicago events, including the 50-year anniversary of the UChicago Women's Board in April 2011.
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Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag, AB'51, critic, playwright, filmmaker, poet, and human-rights activist best known for her work Against Interpretation.
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Philip Glass

Philip Glass, AB'56, is an American composer who has composed operas, concertos, and film soundtracks.
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John Grunsfeld

John Grunsfeld, SM'44, PhD'88, associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate and the Hubble Space Telescope's top repair and maintenance expert.
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Kimberly Peirce

Kimberly Peirce, AB'90, filmmaker most noted for Oscar award-winning Boys Don't Cry, said UChicago classes "steeped me in culture."
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Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel, PhB'32, JD'34, oral historian and radio host who received the Pulitzer Prize for his work The Good War: An Oral History of World War II.
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Katherine Dunham

Katherine Dunham, PhB'36, internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, anthropologist, and activist, who researched dance in Haiti and used her studies there to create pioneering work in folk and ethnic choreography.
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David Axelrod

David Axelrod, AB'76, senior strategist for Obama for America and director of the UChicago Institute of Politics.
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John W. Rogers Jr.

John W. Rogers Jr., LAB'76, founder of Ariel Investments and University trustee. In November 2010, he joined the symposium "Building Relationships and Expanding Opportunities," an event hosted by the University's Office of Business Diversity.
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Sam Kass

Sam Kass, LAB'98, AB'04, White House chef known as a crusader for using locally grown ingredients.
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Patsy Mink

Patsy Mink, JD'51, first Asian American woman elected to U.S. House of Representatives. She served Hawaii's first and second districts for 12 terms.
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  • 157,000+ alumni

    157,000+ alumni

    Our community of alumni represents nearly every field in almost every corner of the globe.

  • 140+ countries in which alumni live and work

    140+ countries in which alumni live and work

    Alumni continue to engage in any nation with thought-provoking talks and social gatherings.

  • 80 alumni clubs worldwide

    80 alumni clubs worldwide

    Regardless of where they live around the world, alumni bond over their uniquely UChicago experiences.

  • 11 National Humanities Medal winners

    11 National Humanities Medal winners

    William McNeill

    William McNeill, AB'38, AM'39, received the 2009 National Humanities Medal. President Obama honored McNeill, the Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in History at the University, for his important contribution to the humanities.

  • 30+ Nobel laureates

    30+ Nobel laureates

    Bruce A. Beutler

    Bruce A. Beutler, MD'81, received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his co-discoveries that helped lead to treatment and prevention of cancers and infectious illnesses.

  • 7 MacArthur Fellows

    7 MacArthur Fellows

    Richard Rorty

    The late Richard Rorty, AB'49, AM'52, received a five-year MacArthur Fellowship in 1981 shortly after the publication of his most famous philosophical work, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. One of the most influential American philosophers of the 20th century, Rorty's pragmatic approach to philosophy reached a larger audience beyond academia.

  • 15 Pulitzer Prize winners

    15 Pulitzer Prize winners

    Daniel Gilbert

    Daniel Gilbert, AB'05, won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in public service journalism for a series of stories he wrote on mismanagement of natural-gas royalties.

  • 6 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

    6 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

    Six alumni across the University have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award.

  • 15,000+ volunteers in the Alumni Careers Network

    15,000+ volunteers in the Alumni Careers Network

    The Alumni Careers Network is an online database of alumni from across the University who have volunteered to provide career-related informational interviews to students and other alumni. Many graduates report that their most valuable career advice comes from other alumni.

  • 8 alumni National Medal of Science recipients

    8 alumni National Medal of Science recipients

    UChicago alumni have received 8 National Medals of Science, which recognizes outstanding contributions in the physical, biological, mathematical, engineering, or behavioral sciences.